2015 Team Inductee

1997 Girls Soccer Team

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About this 1997 Girls Soccer Team

This 1997 Girls Soccer Team is being recognized in the 2015 Old Rochester Regional Athletic Hall of Fame Team Induction Category for its many accomplishments.  As a result of their extraordinary efforts on the field, this group of dedicated athletes came to be known as a force to be reckoned with throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.  Their strong team effort throughout the 1997 season lead them to outscore their opponents 95-7, finishing with a high note of 17 shutouts.

At the time, this particular ORR girls soccer team progressed further into  the state tournament than any other SCC team in school history. Unfortunately, despite their team effort, they lost 2 – 1 to Oliver Ames in a hard fought Division II thriller.  Their final season record was 23 -1, an incredible feat, especially considering the high caliber of competition they faced throughout the fall, most notably Division 1 Dartmouth High School, whom they shut out in both contests.

The nucleus of this team, seniors Kate O'Shaugnessy, Eryka Vickers, Kate Ostenberg, and Tiffany Lopes, proudly won their fourth consecutive SCC title. These young women were also instrumental as freshman, during the 1994 season that ended with a 16-0 league record. 

The team’s overall record in four years of play was 75-6-5 and 5 1-1-0  in league play.  

The members of the 1997 Girls Soccer Team were captain Kate O’Shaughnessy, captain Kate Ostenberg, captain Sarah Borque, Eryka Vickers, Tiffany Lopes, Monyca Vickers, Margaret Liljedahl, Jessica Grondski, Allisa Cook, Bonnie Kilpatrick, Mary Flaherty, Marissa Rand, Carly Nahigyan, Molly O'Brien, Amanda Byers, Maggie Borden, Jill Almeida, Margo Laetham, Geralyn Dias, Meg Best, Erin Lawrence, Kelly Pereira, Lynn Ulrichsen, Lindsey Gay, Ashley Daniels, Lauren Marks, and Samantha Drew.

Congratulations to our 2015 Team Inductee to the ORRAHOF